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great South Dakota pheasant hunting population

2016 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Projection

I have been through the food plots numerous times so far this year with fertilizing and spraying, and the hold over pheasant population is looking outstanding! In addition, we received a couple of extended, slow rains with both rains producing 2 inches of rain which has saturated our soil profile and filled are watering holes. These rains have really made the wheat and grass grow tall, early in the season, so the nesting habitat is looking fabulous! Continue reading

Pheasant Hunting Tips

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Time your hunt: The South Dakota pheasant hunting season begins on the third Saturday in October. The first week of hunting begins at noon, followed by a 10 a.m. opener for the remainder of the season. When making your decision on what time to plan your hunting vacation, take into account that during the early season, there will be more roosters, but the weather can be very warm and crops may still be in the fields, which makes the hunting grounds less populated with pheasants, as they will prefer to hide in the uncut fields. Normal years, however, provide nice hunting temperatures during the early season and abundant shooting opportunities. During midseason, the crops are likely to be mostly harvested which forces the birds into more huntable habitat. The weather during this time is likely to be cooler. And lastly, during the late season, pheasants are more likely to be grouped up and much more wild. During this time of the season, strategy and hunting with knowledgeable guides is much more important. This is also a time when large flocks are seen, and the shooting can get hot & heavy! Continue reading