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great South Dakota pheasant hunting population

2016 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Projection

I have been through the food plots numerous times so far this year with fertilizing and spraying, and the hold over pheasant population is looking outstanding! In addition, we received a couple of extended, slow rains with both rains producing 2 inches of rain which has saturated our soil profile and filled are watering holes. These rains have really made the wheat and grass grow tall, early in the season, so the nesting habitat is looking fabulous! Continue reading

great South Dakota pheasant hunting population

2012 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Report

Going into the season, I knew it wasn’t going to be typical, as the summer was HOT, and the rains didn’t come, but the winds DID! Throughout a typical season, we harvest roughly 75% young birds, and we find them mostly in the food strips. This year, as a result of the now-infamous 2012 drought and its effect on the new hatch, we harvested 75% old birds, and the birds just weren’t in the food strips. Continue reading

South Dakota Pheasant Season

Should South Dakota open its hunting season a week earlier to include the Columbus Day holiday weekend? Continue reading